Let’s Save Some Lives!

You can put on the smoke hood within 10 seconds!



Vogue Span Sdn Bhd designs, manufactures and markets, safe and effective pocket-sized escape smoke hoods, that protect the head, face, eyes and lungs, from the adverse effects of smoke, dripping flaming plastic, and chemical and biological agents.

Our aim is to provide high-performance pocket-sized escape smoke hoods at a price that everybody can afford.

Our team includes specialists who have been working on the design of smoke hoods, gas masks and absorptive and catalytic purification systems for over  30 years.

Valuable feedback from our customers has enabled us to incorporate the desired features into our signature product the “Great Escape” Smoke Hood.

Please feel free to browse our website, and to contact us with your valued orders and comments. 

Step 1:

Tear open the packaging, and remove the smoke- hood.

Step 2:

Open the rubber neck-seal.

Step 3:

Place Smoke-Hood over your head, and release neck-seal

Step 4:

Breathe normally as you make your escape.

Vogue Span Sdn Bhd  - Great Escape Smoke Hood

“Great Escape” TM

This logo and the name “Great Escape” are registered trade marks of Vogue Span Sdn Bhd.


The logo symbolizes the protection provided by the “Great Escape” Smoke hood, as the wearer makes his escape from fire and smoke.